12 pieces of advice for giving talks that have impact

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Courtney E. Martin hosts a special session called "The 19th Minute," and gives valuable insight on how to give a talk that has real impact. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED Courtney E. Martin hosts a session called “The 19th Minute,” and shared valuable insight on how to give a talk that has real impact. Photo: Marla Aufmuth/TED

Sharing an idea isn’t like snapping your fingers — things don’t just instantly change. But as more people hear an idea over time, it can trickle into people’s thinking — and shifts, both subtle and extreme, can happen as a result. In a TEDWomen session called “The 19th Minute,” host Courtney E. Martin invited several guests to talk about what happened after they gave their 18-minute TED Talk — what changed, as well as what didn’t.

Deborah Rhodes spoke about the momentum her TEDWomen talk has built for using Molecular Breast Imaging rather than traditional mammography to screen for breast cancer under certain conditions. She still has a long way to go, she says, because, “mammography is very entrenched—culturally and medically.” Krista Donaldson talked about how her TEDWomen…

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Two Short Videos that Tickled my Creative Bone!

Good morning.  Like most folks, I go through periodic bouts of creative inspiration followed by what I term “real life” which involves waking up at the crack of dawn, driving 5-10 mph along the 405 freeway (not highway, not interstate mind you, no freeway – I’m learning) to work the entire daylight hours to pay bills, hopping back on the 405 and returning home exhausted – not a stitch of om-pa-pa left in my psyche.  I’ve been hovering about in the latter state lately when lo and behold (insert ta-da!) I randomly clicked on these two “recommended” videos that got the juices going again.  I may not jump on the projects, but it feels like a breath of fresh air, coming up from below the tide just to think creatively.  These are short, well-produced, engaging tutorials that I highly recommend for their ability to teach and entertain.  Please check them out…

Los Angeles Dream Centers’ Adopt-a-Block Program

Adopt-a-Block.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, please make the LA Dream Center a must see on your agenda. They give tours on Tuesdays and you will leave totally inspired!

Check out my friends blog about her global bike tour in Spain while teaching Cob building. Cool lady!

Here is an excerpt that includes her blog name on tumbler…  she is posting fascinating, beautiful pictures of her trip also.

“Just biked off the ship onto Lanzarote at midnight. Looked for a place to camp on the warm volcanic island. Found a nice open lava field. Within 5 minutes the cops pulled up. Turns out they spotted me on satellite radars cause I was camped in the King’s backyard! Hahaha! I told them I was a world famous cob builder on a world bike tour. They excused me and asked for my website and number. Still waitin for the dinner invitation! . Gotta love España. Check out the local van decor…just like SC, and the winds! I ate this cactus flesh for breakfast, supposed to be cleansing. Oh and finally uploaded my blog on Tumblr (under Ecogypsyglobalbiker, what else?) and hope it worked. Its looooooong. I’m too tired to check. Hasta la proxima….Mwah!”

2015 Rose Bowl Post-Parade Float Viewing

Pasadena is within a 45 minute drive from where I am now and as I’ve watched the Rose Bowl parade for years on NY day, I thought it would be fun to visit the post parade.  The floats are parked along a closed street after the parade and though they aren’t moving/mechanized, it was wonderful to get so close to the floats.  We could see all of the work and details of the floats and the gorgeous flowers.I highly recommend a visit!

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Life Lessons Offered by Two People Facing Death – A Beautiful Short Essay from the L.A. Times

Life Lessons Offered by Two People Facing Death

A Short, Humorous Look at the State of Healthcare

Comedy Central Illuminates U.S. Healthcare Status in Short, Humorous Clip

I have mentioned that I’ve been an ICU RN for the past 15 years.  This is honestly what I am seeing happen in my personal experience.  You can have all of the high -fallutin (yes, that is a word) ideas that you want, but I dare you to actually look into the eyes of these people in need and deny them what is needed, truly.  How we treat the each other defines us as a people.

A documentary titled “Remote Area Medical” is out detailing one crews mission to address this issue and I highly recommend you take a look, especially with your children or those you care about.

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