I don’t know date, about June 14? Watch how God blesses me:>


I had no trouble retrieving the RV and much to my surprise, it felt like a homecoming. Everything that is familiar to me is in here. Hmm. Feels like home. This is why I bought the RV in the first place. As a travel nurse, you are constantly moving, packing, nothing is routine or a bit familiar, you don’t know a soul in the place you are going, the stores are different, here in Cali, everything is different from what I know and I hated extended stays. Noisy, smoky, loud, housekeeping has to come in at least every three days to make sure you aren’t making a bomb (I work nights). So this familiarity, hominess is necessary for what is left of my sanity. I checked Woodalls.com and picked a place that I had previously thought about, Casa de Fruta in Hollister, Ca to lay low until I have a plan/assignment. Here is the thing, when I am not working, I am losing money, no FMLA,no vacation funds, etc. So I have to get very small and simple. I have, fortunately, gotten kind of good at it. I will say that while interesting, it is definitely a lonely way to live. I am driving my family and facebook friends crazy with my calls/posts. Need human contact, need human contact.

Casa really didn’t look like it would be much to me just from seeing it from the highway, but it did get high rankings (I always look to see how restrooms are rated, usually means it is well taken care of) and it seems safe. Surprise surprise. This is a wonderful place.

Inluding pictures so that you can see. And again, wonderful people here. I find that I really enjoy RV folks.


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