Santa Cruz Two – It’s So Good, I Gotta Do it Again

Please visit and spend your money in this gorgeous place.  Go see the Santa Cruz Boardwalk with tons of shops, the laughing lady from the San Francisco Wharf, see West Cliff Drive definitely with the clear, cerulean blue ocean, giant waves, real surfer dudes in vans from places like Japan and Hawaii.  Eat all the different kinds of foods they offer, notice the homeless folks and tell everyone how you see this everywhere and an Opportunity Village (like they have in Oregon) would be soooo great and increase tourism (okay, yes, soapbox).  Definitely visit the Homeless Garden Store and if you get a chance, the Homeless Garden.  You would not believe the great things they are doing there and the products are top notch – jams, jewelry, lotions, potions, soap with pumice stone on one side.  I love that!

And then, don’t move there.  After I win the lottery or get rich somehow, I am moving there. Also take time to visit the redwoods in Felton and the farmers’ markets in Scotts’ Valley.


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