June 30, 2014 Random Thoughts

First, tomorrow is my future son-in=laws’ 21st birthday!!! Happy Happy Bday Mr. Dylan, and much love. Also, I have a dear friend who is sick and struggling at the moment, please include him in your prayers.

I used the pool for the first time today and it was marvelous! Heated pool that makes it like bath water. As this is SoCal, the middle of the day is hotter than hades, so I just woke up extra earlier, ironed scrubs for the week, cleaned a bit, walked to Fresh N Easy grocery store (I like it, more of a hybrid between the uber health stores and regular stores) bought stuff to juice and utilized that wonderful pool during the hot part of the day. Heaven! Washed and dried clothes in my jerry-rigged washer/dryer (learned how to make it at the Relax Shacks workshop) and installed 4 small LED lights that are bright as all get out. These are battery operated and will save $. Hooray for the Dollar Store!

Here’s the thing, I have not needed, nor owned, a car for the three years I have been here. Cali has a beyond wonderful transportation system. I have used Bart and buses and bikes the whole time and supplemented with rental cars, which is really too expensive. I picked up a rental car today for my first day of work, but I plan on buying a used car asap. I had thought about biking to work here, but it really doesn’t look feasible, so used car, here I come. I consulted with ClarkHoward.com, which included fantastic tips and websites for used cars, including carguru.com. So I’m looking.

Clothes and supplies all ready for tomorrow. I am a little nervous, I don’t have a whole lot of info on what the day will include. As usual, I will just roll with it.

I hope everybody had a great Monday.


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