Oh, the people you will meet

Alwe & Elaine

Alwe And Elaine.  Wonderful, interesting, generous couple camping beside me for a day or two when I arrived here in Northridge.  They are from Holland.  Mr. Alwe speaks wonderful English and Ms. Elaine and I made it work:>  They explained their region to me, it sounds almost like Alabama in that the “hills aren’t so big” and they have four seasons.  When they left this morning for their 10 our ride home, they were so thoughtful and kind and left their new camping chair and various camping items with me.  They didn’t have to do that.  These are the types of folks I meet in RV parks.  Considerate.  And, these are the international folks I am meeting in Cali (a big part of the charm, truly).  It seems like the whole world comes here to visit, so if you are lucky, you meet Germans, East Indians, a few French, and places I have never heard of.  This is better than a college class, truly.

I was just thinking about my new friends, who should have landed by now.  Hoping they had a safe journey.  I am privileged to have met them.


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