My Nomadic Way of Life a.k.a. Travel Nursing

For 21 years, I lived a very nice, quiet June Cleaver life in Alabama, my birthplace.  Went to school, married, had and raised two perfect, wonderful children, went to college, nursed, gardened, etc. etc.

And then….(insert da da da)…kids grew up and did what normal kids do, tornado ravaged my entire neighborhood, many personal things going on, baby daddy had to go.  So, here I am in this wonderful three bedroom, two bath house with the large yard that the kids could play in (except they are gone) on a wonderful dead end street with beautiful, caring wonderful neighbors that I had known for decades and were great to me and my Chihuahua.  It was like living in Mayberry in that everybody knew everybody, we took care of each other, kept an eye out for each others kids, drank vino on the porch when said kiddoes were hormonal and everyone definitely looks you in the ete and says hello and waves when you pass in cars or Bless Your Heart!

And now, after 1 year of staying 3 months at a time in extended stays,,,



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