Friday, June 27, 2014 Back in the Saddle Again

Good morning!  Well, I am back in beautiful Lompoc, California, a hidden gem.  It is a small town (I have finally figured out that these are my favorites, about 50 miles or so north of Santa Barbara.  This RV park is lovely, quiet, convenient and affordable.  I met a lighting crew manager here who is smart enough to stay in some tricked out tents, brought food.   This is a great way to save $ on these assignments if you plan well especially since there is really no real weather here, except “partly perfect”.  I tented before I bought the RV and it worked out fine, but I feel better with doors that lock and food that is not out.  I have been blessed to not see bears but raccoons…wooo hoo. Those little fellas apre devious.  When I first stayed here at the beginning of the year, I was FLAT on my face 96% of the time, crying sleeping eating consolatory chocolate, having just broken up with my “boyfriend” (he was 50) of a year, my very first since my divorce.  Wow that hurt.  It is cathartic to be here 6 months later with a different perspective.  And agaCinst advise, better judgement, etc.  I spoke with him via phone today.  Closure, right?  Pics follow (of Lompoc)



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