The dumbing down of America’s youth (part 2)

Gemini Life Surfers

go as far as you can.jpeg

What would our country look like if we educated first based simply on the idea of teaching children to love learning? Really focus on a desire to learn. Gave them every tool they need, so they can explore what perks their interest.  Those interests will change over time, the child grows…This is natural.  They question everything; children are made to learn… we are made to learn as a species! Since we don’t need a world full of people with the same skill sets (we need specialization), why do we educate that way? Why do we wait until college to give any real choice of curriculum, by then one’s ability to decipher what really interests them is so dumbed down, it’s almost lost.  It is a false thought to think money is the issue…That is only an illusion. It doesn’t need to cost more to educate this way.

When a child…

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