Scary, right?  I would just like to add my two cents worth in as a nurse, a  mother, a child of God.  My mind immediately harkens back to the first days of the HIV crisis.  I am not sure why particularly HIV, but I think of the strength and beauty of Ryan White and his mother, the absolute ugliness of human fear and lack of knowledge and compassion that they were met with in the face of their personal tragedy.

Please reach down inside yourself and approach this newest issue with courage, compassion and realize that these are fellow HUMAN BEINGS who are being struck with this horrific disease.  Yes, hate the disease, even fear it – but use these emotions to propel you to find out how to actually protect yourself and those you love and do not ostracize those unfortunate enough to contract it.  They need intellect, compassion and love. Humanity is uplifted when we approach the unknown with our eyes and hearts open.  This is not the first, nor will it be the last frightening unknown thing to enter our world.  God’s got it.  We will make it.

I have looked directly into the eyes of so many people about to step over this threshold into the next – from heart attacks, massive infections that I sometimes have to completely glove and gown for to care for them (yes, throughout the US), various end stage diseases  They are you and me at the end of life.  I have comforted their loved ones, caregivers during this time, trying to smooth the transition.  What has proven to be the most important thing during this time is pain control, education of process, LOVE!!!!!  Is this not what you and I both hope for at the end of our days?

Imagine you are the one struck with Ebola, or MRSA or ESL or VRE or the mirage of infectious diseases that require everyone that you come in contact with the leave wear yellow gowns, gloves and masks each time they enter your room.  That is how you now experience the world.  The communication you would experience at that time is the expression in your loved ones’s eyes, are they willing to hold your hand?  You didn’t not ask for this, but here it is.  Pulease, please educate yourself on the disease, take every possible precaution, and empathize – not ostracize – those stricken.  Thank you.


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