To The Mother of My Beloveds’ Child – My Wish For All of Us

I am the proud Mom of two gorgeous, perfect humans.  I am also an ex-wife, ex-daughter and sister-in-law and as such, face the probability that another woman will enter my childrens’ lives and I will have to share important parts of their lives with this person.  Not an easy task.  Truly.  I have come to the realization that I need to continue to trust God in this process.  These children are gifts to me from God and He/She has His/Her hands on them.  I need to grow and trust in the fact that their father loves them just as much as I do, and would not put them in any situation that would intentionally cause them pain or harm.  I have spoken to them about this and that my ultimate hope is that this person would be someone who will realize how truly great they are and support them in all they do.  That was not easy for me.  I do not want my kids to be feel uncomfortable sharing their lives, trusting this new person or feel like they are being disloyal to me in any way just by adjusting to a new family situation.

That being said, I now find myself on the other side of the fence.  My Beloved has a wonderful, talented, smart, athletic, funny, fun young son from a marriage to a woman whom he loved, shared time with and cared about.  I want to let her know that my wish is to support the family unit, in no way take away from it or usurp anyones’ place within the unit.  As the mother of this wonderful child, I want to support, love, encourage her also.  Not sure quite how, but I’m going to try.  The following open letter penned by Jada Pinkett-Smith is a wonderful outline of what I am trying to convey.


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