They Say It’s My Birthday! 49 Today

Today, is my 49th year on the planet.  Some years have been okay, some pretty rough and most fantastic.  The last few years have been an extraordinary time of personal growth.  I attribute the extraordinary years to three thing 1) When I purposely (finally) took my paws off of the steering wheel of my life,  lo and behold, God immediately took over and Wow!  what a driver. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 2)  I’ve made it a habit to step OUT of my comfort zone.  One of my biggest fears/obstacles has been heights. I am a nurse and once my children matured and were beginning their lives, it became time to expand my career/life and get my rear on a plane!  I sat at the airport back home repeatedly over the course of years watching grandmothers and 5 year olds confidently board and deplane and I was terrified!  Finally screwed up the gazongas to board a plane (carefully choosing mid-plane inside row away from windows) and my life changed!  I love flying.  Now I press my face to the window and watch and listen to take-off and landing – marveling every time it is happening.  It’s beautiful up there, I can’t imagine never experienceing it.  Fying opened up the world to me, truly.  I’ve met the most diverse , interesting people from all parts of the world, experienced cultures that I would never have imagined.  Yes, I have seen beautiful places and I am grateful. The people that I have known in these 49 years are like exotic flowers in a beautiful bouquet and I love love love them!  This has been such a blessing. 3)  Life sometimes gets overwhelming/stressful (surprise).  It turns out that when I focus on others, helping or caring about them, my problems get really small.  Life gets bigger and better.          May I now request my birthday present? 1)  Face your area of discomfort or fear head on!  Look at one area in your life that you think  “I can’t do that, I am afraid to do that” and just do it (thanks Nike).  I have heard wonderful sermons that state “Your blessing is in the area that you are most afraid.”  This has proven to be true in my life. Take one small step and your life is going to change, I promise.. 2)  Travel!!            Look around you now and realize the beauty and diversity of the landscape and the people.  Experience other ways of approaching situations and life and appreciate it all! 3)  Find a cause that you are interested in and believe in and get involved. Chase your passion. Keep at least one pair of new, thick socks, a new toothbrush and toothpaste in your car and GIVE IT AWAY to a person in need. Thank you for 49 wonderful years! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your friendship and your time.  I am truly blessed! Thank you God for my wonderful children! Thank you for my Beloved! Let the party continue…49 birthday agian 49 birthday


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