Homeless? There are are places for people like me…


So why (and I am not saying this facetiously) did I wake up this morning with homelessness on my mind? I believe the mind and our consciousness is like a really big commercial cooking range, in that many different emotional and thought-based dishes can be cooking on any number of heat levels. Sometimes they (randomly?) reach a boiling point and need to be removed from the heat, and I think my brain (and my God) decided I need to pull a few pots off the stove and share the bounty hee-hee 😛

mental kitchen o'mine! mental kitchen o’mine!

This blog entry has its roots in this article (the plain text is at the bottom of this entry) I saw on Yahoo News a while ago, which really touched me.

See, I have a serious spiritual connection with Saint Francis. I was amazed and deeply gratified that our current Pope took his name as…

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