2015 Rose Bowl Post-Parade Float Viewing

Pasadena is within a 45 minute drive from where I am now and as I’ve watched the Rose Bowl parade for years on NY day, I thought it would be fun to visit the post parade.  The floats are parked along a closed street after the parade and though they aren’t moving/mechanized, it was wonderful to get so close to the floats.  We could see all of the work and details of the floats and the gorgeous flowers.I highly recommend a visit!

wpid-0101151419a-1_wm.jpgwpid-0101151451c_wm.jpg wpid-0101151448c_wm.jpg wpid-0101151449_wm.jpg wpid-0101151538a_wm.jpg wpid-0101151537b_wm.jpg wpid-0101151538d-1_wm.jpg wpid-0101151409a.jpg wpid-0101151539f_wm.jpg wpid-0101151408.jpg wpid-0101151355.jpg wpid-0101151337d.jpg wpid-0101151339.jpg wpid-0101151338a.jpg


One thought on “2015 Rose Bowl Post-Parade Float Viewing”

  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures and picture of handsome man. Where’s your picture? Were the floats fragrant? Would love to see everything in person.


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