Two Short Videos that Tickled my Creative Bone!

Good morning.  Like most folks, I go through periodic bouts of creative inspiration followed by what I term “real life” which involves waking up at the crack of dawn, driving 5-10 mph along the 405 freeway (not highway, not interstate mind you, no freeway – I’m learning) to work the entire daylight hours to pay bills, hopping back on the 405 and returning home exhausted – not a stitch of om-pa-pa left in my psyche.  I’ve been hovering about in the latter state lately when lo and behold (insert ta-da!) I randomly clicked on these two “recommended” videos that got the juices going again.  I may not jump on the projects, but it feels like a breath of fresh air, coming up from below the tide just to think creatively.  These are short, well-produced, engaging tutorials that I highly recommend for their ability to teach and entertain.  Please check them out…


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