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Kayaking with Beloved in La Jolla, California Lots of PICS

My fabulous birthday present/adventure from my Beloved was an ocean kayaking trip with Everyday California tours  We chose the Seven Seas Cave Tour within the La Jolla Ecological Preserve.  We suited up in the provided dorky helmut and protective life jacket and follow our knowledgeable, friendly tour guide down to the beautiful beach.  There are a number of folks playing in the water, which was 72 degrees this day, some laying out in the sun on the clean, light soft sand under slightly swaying umbrellas.  There is a slight small surf, the sun is sparkling off of the water.  Beloved and I shared a kayak – which, to me, is more fun. The water is crystal clear! It was amazing.

Go Eliza.  She is my avatar!
Go Eliza. She is my avatar!
Kayaking Mid-Day.
Kayaking Mid-Day.

Our tour guide points out areas of interest under the water – the sand with sea life within it,  the reefa bit further beyond,  fleshes out interesting stories about inhabitants of the estates along the shoreline  and what it’s like to there.  We see Girabaldi –  golden and  a bit larger than, but colored like goldfish.  We paddled as a group over to the cave area which looked like a painting, even in real life.  The colors were extraordinary – I believe they were sandstone.  The walls of the cave had tones of green, red, sandstone, some yellows and were dotted with Cormarand and there nests.  You have to really look, but there were also sea lions flattened on the rocks, sunning themselves and just being being generally darling.  The final cave we entered two kayaks at a time and it was beyond awesome! Inside were three sea lions that I didnt’ even notice initially lounging about.  What a great way to spend my birthday!  I highly recommend a visit!






I have a mortal fear of speaking in public.  I go completely blank.  Here’s the thing. It’s kind of necessary.  I had an epiphany about a year ago and did everything required to teach CPR, everything until it came time to be monitored teaching a class on a subject that I have specialized in for 15 years – I froze!  I love Zumba, survived 8 straight hours of intense Zumba instructor training and earned my certification.  Have I taught it?  Nope – freeze.

So, I joined my local ToastMasters recently, they seem like a knowledgeable and friendly bunch, right?  I volunteered to be the “speech timer” person tonight and was certain that bought me safety and anonymity.  Um, no. I was called on in front of everyone in the room to give an impromptu speech of about 2 minutes regarding travel.  I know travel.  My face beet red, my heart racing, I gracefully (not) ambled up to the lecturn and proceeded to babble something about travel,” no I won’t sue Toastmasters for calling me up here” and I’m pretty sure that I jumped in my boots when the green sign was up to tell me I was done.  At the end of the meeting, they are giving out awards for “table topics” “prepared speeches” and “evaluators” and I hear my name.  (insert Da Da Da) I froze, turned beet red, cackled in disbelief and worst of all, teared up.  Oh no!  I was shocked.  People clapped and my body again gracefully (not) floated up front to have my teary face photographed.  These people were being kind.  But…I did it.I

Joined local ToastMasters to overcome my fear of public speaking.  Look at what they gave me:>
Joined local ToastMasters to overcome my fear of public speaking. Look at what they gave me:>

Happy Flash Mob Small Group One Great Group Pic post Flash October 23, 2014Last week, dramatic double chin pre flash mob Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles my Beloved and I performed with a Flash Mob in a fancy schmancy hotel in Los Angeles with fancy schmancy dressed up folks to the tune of Pharrell William song “Happy” with Flash Mob Nation.  That was wild and fun.  The black jacket and scarf are to cover up the bright orange T-shirt we are all wearing.  There were about 600 attendees at this charity fundraiser and we were interspersed with them.  They are still mingling (kind of where we need to dance).  There was this nice young-ish couple that I had been talking with a bit while waiting for our part. The music started , so I said “look up there” as the core group of mob was beginning their dance at the top of the stairs.  I begin unbuttoning that jacket as I have to jump up behind core group in a minute and the look in that ladies eyes was priceless!  “I knew it!! she exclaimed. Beloved and I took our places and proceeded to bust a move.  It was a blast! BTW, I will be 49 years old in a few days and life is fabulous!

“Life is a Highway and I Wanna Ride it All Night Long!!!