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Los Angeles Dream Centers’ Adopt-a-Block Program

Adopt-a-Block.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, please make the LA Dream Center a must see on your agenda. They give tours on Tuesdays and you will leave totally inspired!


2015 Rose Bowl Post-Parade Float Viewing

Pasadena is within a 45 minute drive from where I am now and as I’ve watched the Rose Bowl parade for years on NY day, I thought it would be fun to visit the post parade.  The floats are parked along a closed street after the parade and though they aren’t moving/mechanized, it was wonderful to get so close to the floats.  We could see all of the work and details of the floats and the gorgeous flowers.I highly recommend a visit!

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Please help the L.A. Dream Center restore Seniors Christmas Gifts Burned in Fire

Downtown L.A. fire destroys hundreds of Christmas gifts for seniors.

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A blaze erupted early Monday that destroyed a building where the city’s Department of Aging rents space.  Approximately 2,000 Christmas gift bags were soaked with water and destroyed. Presents included sweaters, socks, DVDs, lamps and food.

The gifts were part of a Secret Santa-type program called Project CARE, which matches city and Los Angeles Police Department employees with senior citizens in need. Most of the seniors in the program are low-income, live alone or don’t have family nearby.

The Dream Center is stepping in to help meet this important need.  We are partnering with the city of Los Angeles to replace the damaged gift bags.  Please give a gift below to help make their holiday merry and bright!

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Our Trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo

We visited the # Santa Barbara zoo.  Nice sized zoo, set up well with lots of fun things for little ones to do, including a smallish grassy hill for the kids to ride down on cardboard (perfect size – fun but non-intimidating).  Santa Claus visits also and takes pics with kids.  There was also a good bit of man-made snow, so sleds were ridden, snowballs thrown with glee. Fun.  Um, might re-think the attempting to get along with baby momma thing…we’ll see.  Still fun.

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Beloved and I Hiking in Northridge

Today went well.  Thankful.  Thought I would share a few pics taken while Beloved and I went hiking up in Northridge.  Beautiful, peaceful.  I so enjoy being out like this, especially with my partner in crime/buddy/Beloved. I am blessed.

Join Me November 26

LAM’s Annual Thanksgiving celebration is a wonderful day here at the Mission. The well-oiled machine of volunteers and celebrities dish up plate upon plate of turkey (3000 pounds), sesame and garlic roasted mashed potatoes (700 pounds), green beans (800 pounds), giblet gravy (80 gallons) and pie (600) while others pour and serve drinks. After serving about 4,000 meals, we were able to give out about 650 bibles, over 1,400 beautiful blankets and over 1,200 tarps in preparation for the colder winter months.”

#LA Mission  #Feeding the Hungry #Karma

How About a Bit of Eye Candy for Sunday

Beloved and I out and about L.A.