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What Tha …???? This Woman Followed Me to Zumba and Jumped In My Mirror!

I’m so proud of myself.  I woke up early, fixed my hair, put on my face and my workout clothes , headed out the door this morning for Zumba.  I show up 20 minutes early and take my spot , ready to go.   I am accostumed to avoiding looking in the mirror – I do it without thinking.  Here in lovely Cali,  I am, at 5’4″  pretty much a giant among the sea of petite folks.  Strange enough.  I haven’t really exercised much for a bit (okay, a long bit) but I have done this for Years,. I’ve got this.  Ready to channel my inner hip hop dancer.   And then….

wpid-1106141218a-1_wm.jpgW H A T ??  I cannot even see myself moving about gracefully for this big ole’ woman who is coincidentally sporting the same duds as I.  Who does she think she is?  And look at all that jiggle! Bless her heart.  That CANNOT be me. No.  First of all, I am a card carrying Nerdy Nurse who understands, teaches and preaches all things healthy, I adore the physiology.  I ran a marathon for gosh sake! (okay, almost 20 years ago, but it still counts).  I know the risks that I face if I don’t watch my waist – heart disease, diabetes. No, this is DEFINITELY not me!

Oh My Goodness!!
Oh My Goodness!!

But, when I got home, there she was again in the restroom, in my clothes, appropriately mirroring my every move.  Scary stuff.  I think I need to keep a close eye on her for awhile.