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Transcendental Thanksgiving

Transcendental ThanksgivingTranscendentalism, a 19th-century American religious and philosophical movement that advocates that there is an ideal spiritual state that ‘transcends’ the physical and empirical (from wikipedia) 

Lord Help.  Tomorrow = holiday.  Today is cooking, planning, being a little snippy with each other in anticipation of the deep joy we will experience tomorrow when we join together, in a park, with Beloveds’ child, Mother of said child, their mutual, kind, vegetarian friends and their children for our Thanksgiving Feast.  I have to tell you, I am so looking forward to this…well, I wish I was. Really…  It’s a wonderful thing for them all to be together and I need to show support for the family unit and my Beloved.  I know this.  Walk the walk and all.  That being said…  Hollerin

All that I know to be familiar and special, my friends, my family, are very far away.  I have spoken with them and feel a little better.  It’s not that holidays were ever a Hallmark movie.  . Not sure why, buI I’ve always held my expectations for the holidays way too high.  I am an only child, so not lots of brother/sister/cousin interactions.  Life.

I was blessed to work 12 hour night shifts, so I finally decided to schedule myself for just about every holiday, which afforded me the ability to just snooze through the holidays.  Nice.  I just habitually get the blues this time of year. OK, grumpy – what to do?

I am trying to remember the “reason for the season” and keep that foremost in my head to improve my attitude here.  Gratitude.  I have so much to be grateful for, truly.  My children are healthy, employed, upstanding, smart, good people.  My parents are alive and enjoying their life.  My little dogggie – though far far away – is in a great place with a wonderful woman who is caring for him so well, he is king of the roost.  I have a beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny boyfriend.  I am still job-hunting, but I am so grateful actually for the blessing of the last few jobs I have had that so clearly showed me what I do NOT want out of a career.  Frequently I need a kick in the rear to get out of my comfort zone, and they so readily, heartily provided such kick. For that, I am grateful.  I am growing, learning, looking at life in a new way.  I am getting my big old hiney to the gym again, Zumba-ing in semi-public and I do feel better and eventually will look a bit better.  Beloved doesn’t seem to mind too much. For this, I am grateful.  I have met some really interesting, caring, wonderful people and have been challenged to try new experiences.

I know this, but will repeat it for me, I definitely need to remember to Let Go and Let God!  Transition is not always easy, new traditions, people and ways of doing things, and eating,  eeh, but it’s all good.   I am slowly beginning the process of making new connections, looking at the way we are celebrating as a learning and growth opportunity.  I do enjoy learning.  It will be fine.  Gods’ got me, as always.

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!  May we both transcend. thanksgiving