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Los Angeles Dream Centers’ Adopt-a-Block Program

Adopt-a-Block.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, please make the LA Dream Center a must see on your agenda. They give tours on Tuesdays and you will leave totally inspired!


How About a Bit of Eye Candy for Sunday

Beloved and I out and about L.A.

Wwofing – Organic Farming Around the World


Explains how Wwolfing works.  I had never heard of this, but met both a wwolfer (coolest guy in the world) and a lady who hosts wwolfers when I did the Cob building workshop.  I immediately phoned my kiddoes and informed them they MUST try this.  I have now met people who have been overseas doing this or their children worked a farm in Ireland or Australia.  And, they learn organic farming techniques, permaculture, culture itself and adventure.  Love this idea.

Northridge San Fernando Valley Assignment Getting Settled In

ssi 0629141322c 0629141322a 0629141321b 0629141321a 0629141322d 0629141439 0709141121 0709141122a Cal state sign‏ gorgeous roses on campus June 8 Cal State got my tap card 1 June 8 Cal State got my tap card 2 June 8 Cal State got my tap card 3 June 8 Cal State got my tap card Boba tea house L.A is hooootttt and humid.  I bought this mister last year at Lowes for $7. Best purchase EVER June 8 Cal State got my tap card orange tree June 8 Cal State got my tap card orange grove June 8 Cal State got my tap card orange grove 2 June 8 Cal State got my tap card Freudian Sip cafe on campus mailbox mosaic 1 mosaic 2 mosaic 3 mosaic 4 windowed wall facing reflecting pool Cal State June 8 this was so pretty, down the street Reflecting pool @ Cal State June 8 Pretty tree on cal state campus‏ mosaic 5

Figured out how to get to work via bus – just two stops, but it is an hours’ ride each way. Walked to Cal State Northridge where I am able to buy a months’ bus pass, toured the beautiful campus and went to Vons groc store and bought fresh fruit and one recipe that I plan on sticking in crock pot to take to work tomorrow.

Middle of the day hot hot humid, so I cranked out my mister that I bought about a year ago from Lowe’s for $7, love this thing, I don’t have to run air conditioner (saving money) and it makes it comfortable.  Played with making an awning for my big window from some PVC I purchased previously from Habitat Restore , think it might work.  Little lonely today, happens sometimes.  It’ll pass.