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Check out my friends blog about her global bike tour in Spain while teaching Cob building. Cool lady!

Here is an excerpt that includes her blog name on tumbler…  she is posting fascinating, beautiful pictures of her trip also.

“Just biked off the ship onto Lanzarote at midnight. Looked for a place to camp on the warm volcanic island. Found a nice open lava field. Within 5 minutes the cops pulled up. Turns out they spotted me on satellite radars cause I was camped in the King’s backyard! Hahaha! I told them I was a world famous cob builder on a world bike tour. They excused me and asked for my website and number. Still waitin for the dinner invitation! . Gotta love España. Check out the local van decor…just like SC, and the winds! I ate this cactus flesh for breakfast, supposed to be cleansing. Oh and finally uploaded my blog on Tumblr (under Ecogypsyglobalbiker, what else?) and hope it worked. Its looooooong. I’m too tired to check. Hasta la proxima….Mwah!”